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In this Studyshop, created for those who are looking for a way to gain new insights into their own chart or for reading charts for clients, It is presented in four Flash presentations where Gunzburg considers the dynamics of story, that which is revealed when a person has to make choices, and shows these stories within the chart that create the stories of your life. Chart Reading Kit Darrelyn Gunzburg. Save by buying the two Studyshops - Delineation and Advanced Delineation. A self-study kit focused on the meaning of the twelve houses in a natal chart.

Neptune Liz Greene. From the author of The Astrological Neptune comes this tour-de-force from one of the world's greatest astrologers.

An Astrologers Day | Fiction & Literature

Mercury the Translator Charles Harvey. A focused and detailed look at Mercury with over four hours of audio files and support material. Pluto and the Inner Planets Liz Greene. Liz Greene explores Pluto in aspect to the Sun, Moon and inner planets as only Liz Greene can - deep, profound and illuminating. Rethinking Aspects Bernadette Brady. Aspects are more then just geometry, they are the relationships between planets and thus contain attitudes, places that a planet will like and those it will not like. Howard Sasportas considers the nature of difficult aspects in a horoscope, how they work with each other, and what they can offer in positive, dynamic ways.

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From the author of The Eagle and the Lark - Brady shares with you the techniques she uses in her own practice. By merging chaos and complexity science with the philosophy of the everyday practice of astrology, an approach is gained to living with our transits and progressions.

In this studyshop Brady explores the multifaceted nature of solar and lunar eclipses: the nature of eclipses cycles, the eclipse seasons, being born on an eclipse, and the actual delineation of an individual eclipse when it aspects your natal chart. This is the second in the series of Studyshops on medieval astrology. The Progressed Horoscope Howard Sasportas. In this Studyshop, Howard explores the manner in which the symbolic planetary motions of progressions give meaning to the unfoldment of your life. Karmic Astrology Howard Sasportas. The multilayered world of Karmic Astrology as expounded by one of its past masters - Howard Sasportas.

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This Studyshop begins with insights into delineating synastry grids which will allow you to immediately gain new insights into your own relationships. A full day conference by two of today's pioneers in symbolic and imaginative thought. Charts and Handwriting Darrelyn Gunzburg. How do your write your "f" and "t".. A thought-provoking studyshop which leads you to look at the world soul as a power behind the charts of countries, cycles and events. Profession and Money in the Chart Bernadette Brady. A medieval hands-on look at the passion that pulls us forward through our life, shaping our profession, lifestyle and dreams.

An exciting new tool for those who wish to study the Tarot. Visual Astrology is working with the whole sky on the day you were born. Charts and Stars Bernadette Brady. This is the second volume of Bernadette's work on fixed stars and is focused on a humanistic approach to working with stars in a natal chart. Make your own Astrolabe! The visual astrology conference as a three volume set of downloads. This is a free sample.

An Astrologer's Day and Other Stories

Saturn in Scorpio Darby Costello. Darby Costello takes you on a journey into the world of Saturn in Scorpio, She looks at what it is like to live with Saturn in Scorpio in your own natal chart as well as what it means for all of us as Saturn transits through Scorpio. What does it mean for us personally as well as collectively to have Pluto travelling through Capricorn as Neptune moves through Pisces? Darby Costello takes you on an historical journey exploring other periods when this has occurred and, based on this anaylsis, places it into each person's life.

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An Astrologer’s Day

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