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December 28 people are active and manage to incorporate exercise into their daily routine by simple adjustments, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. They can eat almost anything and usually do; their diet is varied and interesting. They often are talented cooks who can prepare exotic foreign food. People born on this date often choose careers that put them in the spotlight. They do well in positions of power where they meet and socialize with others. December 28 people are good financial managers, with the talent to become financially well off by shrewd yet honest manipulation.

Those born on this date have a modest yet earnest desire to do the best they can. Their goals tend to be carefully mapped out and may involve years of trial and error. They don't expect to get to the top quickly -- although they often do. They are filled with self-confidence and can withstand their share of disappointments.

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Find #1 Song in the UK on the Day You Were Born

She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. December 25 Birthday Astrology. Country music song recorded in Nashville. This slushy ballad was producer Tony Hatch's 5th No 1, sung by his future wife. By this time she was one of the UK's top artists. Now struggling in the charts, his first No 1 for two years was recorded 5 years earlier. One of the major acts of the 's, but they only made the top once in that decade.

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First Bob Dylan song to reach No 1. Celebrated as the definitive Hippie anthem. Walker Brothers. Americans who first tasted fame in the UK.

What was the No.1 song on the day you were born? | This Day In Music

Legendary comedian who charted with straight ballads over a year period. Another US session. They remained popular for the rest of the decade, and reformed in the s. Spencer Davis Group. One-hit Wonders with a song from the Beatles' "Rubber Soul" album.

Frank's eldest daughter, who cashed in on the "kinky boots" fashion. Another emotional song took them to the top, but they split soon afterwards. Steve Winwood left soon after to form "Traffic". Legendary diva who faded after the 60s, but made a return in the late 80s. Manfred Mann. Major act that found chart toppers elusive. Drugs and other problems kept them off the top for the following two years. His first No 1 for 12 years represented a sixties renaissance for the legend.

Slight change of direction in writing not a love song , but the fans kept buying.

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Chris Farlowe. Their 11th consecutive No 1; a feat never rivalled.

blink-182 - What's My Age Again?

He became a perennial mega-star, returning to the charts in the 80s and 90s; and had 2 Top 10s in Written by Charlie Chaplin. Father and daughter recording that uniquely topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. First Eurovision winner for the UK, but she later despised the recording.

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Back at No 1 with a song performed live on the first world-wide satellite link up. Flower Power anthem which encapsulated the "summer of love". A new song which became the standard closing anthem at all dance venues.

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First big hit for the famous brothers. Mixed race group that had one Top 10 hit in each of years , , and Straight-forward pop song which equalled their most weeks at the top. Written by Mitch Murray - inspired by the film. Singer Steve Ellis was the only band member to perform on the recording!

Bob Dylan song with new lead singer Mike D'Abo.

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  • They had 6 top 10s before this. Uninspired song that stayed on the chart for a total of just eight weeks. Losing Eurovision song which gave Cliff a new No 1. The charts were getting mellow with this MOR song from the jazz legend. Union Gap featuring Gary Puckett. Tackling the subject of under-age sex, the band sold more singles in the US than the Beatles in ! Lead singer Eddie Grant was the star of the group.

    The perennial comedian and chat show host had a series of hits at this time. Old-fashioned rock 'n' roll revived by Billy Idol in Eccentric One-hit Wonder who was a decorator in the US by the s. Despite member deaths, they continued for another three decades and charted until This consolidated their 60s success before fading, to become even bigger in the late s. Hugo Montenegro Orchestra.

    The theme from the film. Liverpool folk group with a novelty sing-along that captured the festive spirit. Yet another Beatles' album track that provided a big hit for another act. They changed from a cult blues band in the 60s to an AOR, stadium-filling super group in the 70s and 80s. Led by Roy Wood , they had 4 previous Top 10s, and were first act played on Radio 1